IDE and debugging


The Sub-IoT buildsystem and code does not require a specific IDE. The user can choose which IDE to use, if any. CMake supports generating project files for Eclipse CDT, CodeBlocks etc, instead of plain makefiles using the -G option. Alternatively you can use an IDE which natively uses cmake projects like Qt Creator or JetBrain’s CLion. A compile_commands.json file is generated during compilation which can assist the IDE in understanding the project.


For debugging most toolchains come with a GDB client which you can attach to a GDB server which is compatible with your programmer. For instance ARM Cortex-M platforms can use Segger’s JLink programmers which comes with JLinkGDBServer. The arm-gcc-embedded toolchain can then be used to connect with the JLinkGDBServer for flashing and debugging. Segger also provides the Ozone GUI tool for debugging.

For Eclipse user: EmbSysRegView is an Eclipse addon to view the registers of different MCU’s.

We don’t go into more detail about this here since this depends a lot on your favorite tools and the platform you are using.

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